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to explore juxtaposed societies and cross-cultural boundaries, with reference to autobiographical experiences and personal influences, through my work.


Inspired by the eloquent and lively music of the 1960’s and its efficacious voice for Cultural Revolution, as well as her own heritage, visual artist Kavi (b. Bombay, India) began her artistic career in 2003 as a Californian teenager. In 2017, Kavi decided she was ready to share her creative vision and start telling her story. Today, she has developed a distinctive style involving a multi-layered approach which gives her the ability to encapsulate political phrases and poetry into each of her creative works. Kavi’s mixed-media art is unpredictable and possesses its own energy, her dedication and talent having allowed her to excel as an artist creating pieces that have generated great interest among collectors and gallerists alike. In 2019, Kavi was exhibited at The Affordable Art Fair in Hong Kong, Saatchi’s The Other Art Fair in Dallas, TX, Bloomingdales in Orlando, FL and Saks Fifth Avenue in Phoenix, AZ.


2019 Saks Fifth Avenue, Phoenix, AZ

2019 Saatchi’s The Other Art Fair, Dallas, TX

2019 Bloomingdales Installation

2019 Group Show, Parlor Gallery, Asbury, NJ

2019 Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong

2019 Saatchi’s The Other Art Fair, Los Angeles, CA

2018 Spectrum, Wynwood, Miami, FL (December)

2018 Carpe Diem, Wynwood, Miami, FL (December)

2018 Cobb Cole Solo Exhibition, Ormond Beach, FL

2018 Arts on Granada, Ormond Beach, FL

2018 Art Hearts Fashion, NYFW, Manhattan, NYC

2018 First Come, First Serve, Fort Works Art Gallery, Dallas, TX

2018 Solo Exhibition, Frame of Mind, Ormond Beach, FL

2018 Solo Exhibition, Arts On Granada, Ormond Beach, FL 



Art in the Alley, Daytona Beach, FL

Exhibition Committee of Ormond Memorial Art Museum, Ormond Beach, FL

Board of Directors of Ormond Memorial Art Museum, Ormond Beach, FL 



Virginia Commonwealth University, 2003-2007 

BSc. Mass Communications & Public Relations with minor: Media Studies & Advertising